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Feelin it Cargo Pants
Candy Coral
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68,00 CHF
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Think you’re an overachiever? Well then meet your match in the Feelin’ It Cargo Pants. These pants are one-size-does-it-all so go ahead and show off your style, Miss Thang! If the mood fits, wear it: pop up a pant leg and lock it in place for a “gangsta” look, or roll ‘em both up in an (interior) snap! Don’t like to commit? Use the adjustable elastic at the leg opening to easily pull ‘em up, let ‘em loose and do you!

Stretch waistband for added support and comfort

Adjustable elastic at leg opening

Inner ribbon and snap for optional leg roll-up

Tassels on side and rear pockets

Gusset keeps your pants from heading where they shouldn’t

100% Nylon

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